Wild Harvested Mugwort bundle-GratefulGemHead
Wild Harvested Mugwort bundle-GratefulGemHead

Wild Harvested Mugwort bundle


These mugwort bundles are all hand-tied & made with mugwort I’ve gathered in the Catskill mountains. Often seen as an invasive plant in this area, gathering and removing this plant serves the dual purpose of allowing more native plants to thrive while also sharing the potent medicine of mugwort & creating space for the burning of plants other then white sage which is currently being over-harvested & threatened in the wild.

Burn these bundles like you would and other ceremonial herb to clear, protect and cleanse a space or for any ritual practice you may have. Mugwort has also been known to be a great ally for enhancing dreams.  A few leaves can be pinched off from the stick to be placed under your pillow.

Bundles are between 5-7” in length and will vary in width due to their handmade nature. 

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