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Wild Harvested Cedar bundle


These cedar bundles are all hand-tied & made with cedar I gathered this past winter the Catskill mountains. Cedar has a long history of being used by indigenous people, often in sweat lodge ceremonies as its believed to act as an entry way to higher spiritual realms.  Use the smoke from this wand as a means of protection, to cleanse your space or energetic field.  Cedar works to call in the positive energy while ridding away the negative.

Burn these bundles like you would and other ceremonial herb to clear, protect and cleanse a space or for any ritual practice you may have.

Bundles are about 6"-8" in length and will vary in width due to their handmade nature. 

My hope by creating and sharing these bundles is to not only create space for the burning of plants other then white sage which is currently being over-harvested & threatened in the wild, but to also educate and share with you that there are other options we can use that are more sustainable and often right in our own neighborhoods.

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